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    Does your website look like you spent 30 minutes with a "web builder" program?

    Does your copyright still say 2004?

    Does your current site need a modern update?

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Why Use Website Setup Service?

True, you COULD setup a WordPress website by yourself. Here's a typical list of what it takes to get a website started:

  • Purchasing a domain name
  • Finding the right web hosting
  • Pointing your domain to your host
  • Setup a couple of email accounts for your site
  • Install latest WordPress software
  • Search desperately for a good free wordpress template
  • Pay $$ for a decent template
  • Modify the template (nothing is quite perfect out of the box)
  • Install the best plugins
  • Begin to add content
Have us do all the setup work and jump right to the content creation!

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I can't believe how much value you pack into your signature service. Thanks so much... you've saved me a ton of time and my business is off the ground and running.
You're my hero. Oh my gosh, I know you did so much for me and I'm so very grateful.
Sandy Brooke, BrookeVideo
WOW!! I have a new favorite resource. You guys have just made my life so much easier as I can now focus on what I do best and leave the website/social site setups to a company I trust!
Jonathan N, SocialMarketingAssistants.com